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Andrea Lauren

Andrea Lauren has been an investment partner at Rockaway Capital for five years. She has worked on investments such as Budgetbakers, Chytrý Honza, Threatmark, Mallpay, Pex, Techloop or StartupYard. Since October 2021, Andrea has been one of the General Partners at Rockaway Ventures Fund. In the past, Andrea co-founded Roklen investment bank, where as CEO she led the first Czech investment crowdfunding platform, Fundlift. She worked as an investment banker for more than 18 years, was an M&A banker at HSBC and JP Morgan in London for 13 years, and also has experience at Citigroup, Credit Lyonnais or ABN AMRO Bank. Andrea has managed M&A transactions for clients in the private sector and for governments totaling over EUR 25 billion.